NEWWORK Magazine

by Tanya on March 14, 2011

NEWWORK Magazine is designed and published twice a year by Studio NEWWORK based in New York City. This large-format publication features new work from a wide range of artists and creators in the worlds of fine art, design, high fashion, culture, and politics.

“From art directors to business leaders, design students to curators, NEWWORK’s contributors are united in their passion to push the boundaries of their disciplines. Among the magazine’s special features are bold, custom-designed typefaces and a twist on the traditional newspaper format, offering a stimulating juxtaposition of striking design and everyday simplicity. Since pages can be separated, each layout can be hung on the wall as an individual art piece.”

The following images are from Issue 01

Images from Issue 02

Images from Issue 04

Images from Issue 05

Images from Issue 6

To view more images and to purchase copies of NEWWORK Magazine, visit the site here. All images and original text via

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