Hoto Fudo

by Jill on May 16, 2011

Takeshi Hosaka Architects created Hoto Fudo, a traditional Japanese noodle restaurant situated near the base of Mount Fuji, Japan. This cloud-like structure feels very natural in its mountain setting. Its organic shape has been designed to withstand a variety of environmental conditions as it is subject to rain and heavy snow. This building does not have air conditioning and is open to the air during most seasons, the curved acrylic sliding door is only closed during strong wind and cold weather. The outer shell has a 60mm thick urethane insulation to help maintain a stable temperature inside the building that also reduces deformation which gives the building a longer life. This building exists as a part of its natural environment, rain comes in near windows and doors, fog comes into the building, in the Winter it becomes a landscape buried in snow and birds and animals will also visit inside. Hoto Fudo is a space where nature, art and culture come together in perfect harmony.

All images are courtesy of Takeshi Hosaka Architects.


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