by Tanya on December 5, 2012

Eugénie Manseau and Philippe Carreau of industrial design studio Dikini were recently awarded the Phyllis Lambert Design Montréal Grant. The $10,000 grant will allow the recipients to take a study trip to Seoul, South Korea, where they will analyze various types of street furniture. Upon their return, they will conceptualize a prototype based on the Korean model incorporating services adapted to a North American urban context such as Montréal’s.

Dikini designs street furniture, described as “public interval objects”—or, if you will, moments to pause and wait that punctuate one’s path through the city. With the grant they plan to study the various ways in which these interval objects (bus shelters, public benches, Wi-Fi terminals, bike-share hubs) are used in Seoul, a “digital city” known for integrating new technologies to serve users. Below is a selection of a images from a project entitled Dimanche by Dikini.

Images via Dikini

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