Uncle Goose

by Jill on January 7, 2013

Uncle Goose is a company that is in love with learning, design, and creativity. They especially love wood blocks, so much so that their company is solely dedicated to crafting these classic toys in an era of computer games and digital toys. What makes them truly special is that they are manufactured by hand in the USA and offer a wide range of blocks that communicate in many different languages including those for special needs. Uncle Goose has even partnered up with House Industries to create decorative lines using some of their lovely typefaces. Classic ABC Blocks with Canvas Bagclassic-gooseClassic ABC BlocksUppercase Alphablanksforeign-languageChinese BlocksBraille with ABC Sign Language BlocksUppercase / Lowercase ABC BlocksHouse Industries Alphabet Factory Blocks

All images via unclegoose.com, photography by Carlos Alejandro Photography.

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