The Office by Paper Donut

by Jill on January 31, 2013

Paper Donut is the work of Alexis Facca, a French freelance designer based in Brussels who specializes in paper art and set design. She has worked for a wide variety of clients on various projects including illustration, motion, set design and graffiti.

I recently had the pleasure of speaking to Alexis about an intriguing project she created called The Office.

JB: Alexis, your project The Office is based on a fictional story about one of London’s most celebrated agencies from the 1980′s. Where did this idea come from?
AF: From the beginning we (my photographer, Tom Joye and I) wanted to recreate an advertising agency from the eighties, but we never found enough pictures from one agency. So we decided to totally invent this agency retaining some ‘codes’ from the eighties.


JB: How long did this work take to create?
AF: We started by browsing through 80′s design magazines, to research environments, lights and colours. We are both furniture design enthusiasts, so we already had some pieces in mind. I had to get some pictures of these pieces for size – sometimes I found it in store – then I reproduced each piece to 1/3 scale. Just building the paper furniture took me about 4/5 days per picture.


JB: What is the size? I imagine it to be quite tiny!
AF: Not so tiny, like I said before each of the pieces are 1/3 scale, so each set measured approximately 3 x 4 meters.


JB: What is your goal for the project? Do you plan to exhibit it?
AF: First of all this is a personal project, just for fun and trying something new and experimenting with new techniques. But yes, now I think we will print the images, a huge size, like 2 meters in width, and exhibit in some galleries who have contacted me.


JB: Thank you Alexis for taking the time to share some particulars about this project.

Photography of The Office by Tom Joye.

All images are courtesy of

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