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Jacqui Oakley

by Jill on June 29, 2012

Jacqui Oakley is an Illustrator based in Hamilton, Ontario. She is also an instructor of the illustration program at OCADU in Toronto. Specializing in hand-lettering and portraiture, Oakley creates her stunning works with ink, acrylic and oil based paints. A selection (…)

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Eight Hour Day

by Jill on June 26, 2012

Eight Hour Day is a design and illustration studio currently based in San Francisco, California. Nathan Strandberg and Katie Kirk are the husband and wife team behind the design boutique where they “aspire for the designed life(style): a place where work, life (…)

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Penguin Thread Series

by Tanya on May 29, 2012

I recently came across the Penguin Thread Series while shopping in a local book store and quickly added these editions to my wish list. Commissioned by award-winning Penguin art director Paul Buckley these classic books have been reissued featuring cover (…)

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Malcolm Gladwell Collected

by Tanya on January 13, 2012

What’s better than your favourite Malcolm Gladwell book? How about all of his first three books fully illustrated and packaged together in a nicely designed box set. Designed by Paul Sahre with original drawings by Brian Rea, you can now (…)

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Food Rules, the Illustrated Version

by Tanya on November 29, 2011

Food Rules: An Eater’s Manual, by Michael Pollan, was originally published in 2009. A guide to eating simple and smart, Food Rules is a resource for anyone interested in their health. Recently a second version of the book was published, (…)

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Matt Luckhurst

by Jill on November 8, 2011

Matt Luckhurst is a designer, illustrator and motionographer originally from Vancouver, BC, now living in Brooklyn. Currently working as the Design Director at Collins: in New York City, Matt has created an inspiring body of work. Whether vector or hand (…)

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Sergio Membrillas

by Tanya on November 7, 2011

Sergio Membrillas is an illustrator based in Valencia, Spain. He graduated from a Fine Arts degree at San Carlos’ University and currently works as a freelancer for various clients including several magazines and record labels. Recently he illustrated the Infantile (…)

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Thibaud Herem

by Tanya on October 18, 2011

Thibaud Herem is a freelance illustrator currently based out of London, UK. Originally from France, he completed a graphic design degree specializing in architecture drawing in 2009. Since then he has worked for a range of clients including an Italian (…)

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by Jill on October 17, 2011

Hey is a Barcelona based design studio specializing in brand management, editorial design, packaging and illustration. Tilman Solé, Verónica Fuerte and Ricardo Jorge founded the studio based on their shared belief that good design means combining content, functionality, graphic expression (…)

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Daily Purchase Drawings

by Jill on October 4, 2011

Since 2006 Kate Bingaman-Burt has been working on an ongoing project called Daily Purchase Drawings. Everyday she draws an item she has purchased – including her credit card statements – which are a witty reflection on consumerism. In 2010 Princeton (…)

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