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Feltron 2012 Annual Report

by Tanya on March 15, 2013

Nicholas Felton’s 2012 Annual Report is now available for pre-order online. Each year Felton creates a very detailed and beautifully designed report based on the happenings of his life. “The contents of this report were gathered with a custom-built iPhone (…)

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Digital Nostalgia

by Tanya on April 28, 2011

Digital Nostalgia is a series of information graphics by Paul Butt which examine the technological changes in our lifetimes and the influences they have had on our lives. To view more of Paul Butt’s work visit his website here.

The Gerd Arntz Web Archive

by Tanya on March 3, 2011

Gerd Arntz (1900-1988) was a German born, politically-minded artist who during his career designed around 4000 different pictograms. Otto Neurath, founder of the Museum of Society and Economy in Austria, had developed a method to communicate complex information in simple (…)

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Feltron’s Info Tribute

by Jill on February 9, 2011

Nicholas Felton, New York City based Graphic Designer and co-creator of Daytum has released The 2010 Feltron Annual Report. For years Felton has interpreted a year of life through a collection of beautifully-designed infographics. For 2010 he chose to focus (…)

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