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by Tanya on March 9, 2012

Sawdust is the a London based creative studio specializing in custom type development, identity creation, art direction, etc. The award-winning studio is the creative partnership of Rob Gonzalez and Jonathan Quainton who’s striking visual style has earned them international recognition. (…)

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by Jill on May 13, 2011

In support of a current exhibition of Graphic Designer, Wim Crouwel, the Design Museum in London has released an iPhone app. Crouwelclock is a beautifully animated graphic clock and alarm app that features three personal messages from Wim Crouwel wishing (…)

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Ryu Itadani

by Jill on April 6, 2011

Ryu Itadani is a Berlin based artist and winner of the 2010 – 2011 POLA Art Foundation fellowship. Originally from Osaka, Japan, Itadani has lived in many cities around the world including Toronto, Tokyo and London. The city, nature and (…)

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by Jill on March 30, 2011

London based design consultancy, Bibliothèque, created the new identity system for Flint Hair, a boutique hair-salon in Norwich, UK. The illustrations of stone-age cutting tools tell a story of craftsmanship. These tools are made of a material called Flint which (…)

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Cycle Shirt

by Jill on March 11, 2011

Industrial Designer, Sam Hecht of Industrial Facility, recently teamed up with Clothing Designer, Margaret Howell, to create the Cycle Shirt. This collaboration was between two designers who approach their work in a similar way by paring away the inessential in order (…)

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Design Against Obsolescence

by Jill on February 25, 2011

I am on the fence when it comes to the theory of planned obsolescence but we know that most companies manufacture goods which are not specifically designed to live a long product life. Vitsoe is a company doing the opposite, (…)

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Pencil to Paper

by Jill on February 23, 2011

Zoë Barker is a London based illustrator who specializes in lovely pencil drawings. Her detailed work often features old-timey subjects with a contemporary wit. For the second year in a row she has been asked to illustrate for the Tweed (…)

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