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Getty Images and launch new stock photo collection aimed at empowering women

by Tanya on February 13, 2014

By now many of us have stumbled upon several sites which poke fun at the ridiculous nature of stock photography. Awkward Stock Photos, Woman Laughing Alone With Salad and Feminism, According to Stock Photography, are a few well known examples. (…)

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The Impossible Project

by Tanya on September 27, 2012

In 2008 the legendary photography company Polaroid, announced that it would no longer produce its instant film products. In the age where digital cameras were affordable and accessible to everyone, Polaroid technology was seemingly becoming a thing of the past. (…)

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Andrew B. Myers

by Tanya on January 26, 2012

Andrew B. Myers is a Toronto based photographer who has exhibited and has been published internationally. He is well known for his stylistic use of colour and his use of situational humour. His work has a painterly quality and a (…)

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Elizabeth Weinberg

by Jill on January 20, 2012

After graduating with a Photojournalism degree from Boston University in 2004, Elizabeth Weinberg moved to Brooklyn where she now lives and works as a photographer. Her work has a documentary style, yet she has the ability to a tell a story in a (…)

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Jason Hindley

by Jill on December 5, 2011

Jason Hindley is a commercial and fine-art photographer based in London. Finding the beauty in everyday objects, Hindley loves to photograph the often over-looked. One of my favourite projects of his is the the series he shot for the European (…)

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by Jill on October 20, 2011

Lytro, a digital camera and imaging start-up, has launched a new product that it claims will be the biggest technological advance since the digital camera was introduced. Unlike a regular camera that captures a single plane of light, the new (…)

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Olivia Bee

by Jill on August 8, 2011

Olivia Bee is a Portland based photographer who began taking photos at a young age to visually document her life. What she calls “a diary of sorts”, Bee likes to photograph what happens around her. Now 17 years old, she (…)

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Josef Schulz

by Jill on July 1, 2011

Josef Schulz is a Düsseldorf based artist who photographs modern architectural structures such as warehouses, factories and signage. Working with large-format film and digital processing, Schulz transforms these industrial buildings and signage into iconic structures. Distinctive components such as windows, (…)

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Kim Høltermand

by Jill on June 10, 2011

Kim Høltermand is a freelance architectural and landscape photographer from Kirke Værløse, Denmark. In addition to his flourishing photography career, Høltermand’s day job is working as a fingerprints expert in the Crime Scene Unit of the Danish National Police. Although (…)

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by Jill on May 3, 2011

CONTACT is an annual photography festival in Toronto during the month of May featuring over 1000 local, national and international artists exhibiting at more than 200 venues. CONTACT is the largest photography event in the world that is devoted to (…)

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