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Switch Light print

by Jill on December 8, 2013

UNIVERSAL PROGRAM has created a print to accompany their Switch Light we shared in the previous post. It is a functional poster that is a nod to the solar-powered, dual functioning light. The 2 states to the print feature a center (…)

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Penguin Thread Series

by Tanya on May 29, 2012

I recently came across the Penguin Thread Series while shopping in a local book store and quickly added these editions to my wish list. Commissioned by award-winning Penguin art director Paul Buckley these classic books have been reissued featuring cover (…)

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Eaton Hall

by Jill on July 25, 2011

Toronto based Matter Strategic Design created the identity and a welcome kit for Eaton Hall, an upscale Inn and Conference Centre. The welcome kit consists of six cards representing each of the services provided by Eaton Hall and are placed (…)

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Process Video, Sogo Japan Charity Print

by Tanya on July 19, 2011

Recently we featured the SOGO Japan Charity Print, designed by Neil Summerour of Positype and printed by The Half and Half screen printing and letterpress shop. Jivan Davé, an intern at The Half and Half and design student at Anderson (…)

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ZVV New Year Cards

by Tanya on July 18, 2011

These Christmas and New Year cards were created for the transportation bond in Zurich, by graphic designer Johannes Breyer as a collaborative project with Larissa Kasper. Using laser cut wood stamps meant to reflect motion and transportation, the cards were (…)

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Andy Gilmore

by Tanya on June 15, 2011

Below are a selection of images by Rochester, NY based digital artist Andy Gilmore. His geometric renderings are composed of simplistic shapes which overlap to create complex and intricate forms, reminiscent of a kaleidoscope. The results are dramatic and his (…)

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Ligature, Loop & Stem

by Jill on June 6, 2011

Ligature, Loop & Stem was founded in 2009 by Designers Scott Boms and Luke Dorny with one modest goal, “to freely celebrate design and typography in ways not always possible when working for other people”. LL&S offer limited edition products made (…)

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by Jill on April 29, 2011

Effektive is a Glasgow based, independent design studio who specialize in identity and brand development in print and digital media. The passion for their craft is evident in their projects which have rich print details and playful typography. They are (…)

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Digital Nostalgia

by Tanya on April 28, 2011

Digital Nostalgia is a series of information graphics by Paul Butt which examine the technological changes in our lifetimes and the influences they have had on our lives. To view more of Paul Butt’s work visit his website here.

Great Ideas From Penguin

by Tanya on April 26, 2011

I’ve recently started collecting the Great Ideas series from Penguin books. This pocket sized series features beautifully designed covers, some which are embossed. If you haven’t yet seen them in person you really should as the photos I have posted (…)

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