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Creative Type Four

by Jill on May 14, 2012

Its the time of year for Toronto’s annual, curated exhibition of typographic artwork, Creative Type. The show’s work is made up of a selection of the city’s most talented illustrators, artists and designers. Since its beginning in 2008, the profile (…)

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Graven Feather

by Jill on February 16, 2012

Situated at the heart of the Queen Street West in Toronto, Graven Feather is a printmaking studio, workshop and gallery. With a focus on fostering creativity, the fully functioning studio is an open and accessible destination for the artist and (…)

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Four Years of SummerWorks

by Tanya on August 9, 2011

Toronto based Monnet Design is the creative force behind the branding and yearly campaign materials for SummerWorks festival. Canada’s largest juried theatre festival, SummerWorks is now in its 21st year and has seen increased attendance since 2008 when Monnet completely (…)

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Ligature, Loop & Stem

by Jill on June 6, 2011

Ligature, Loop & Stem was founded in 2009 by Designers Scott Boms and Luke Dorny with one modest goal, “to freely celebrate design and typography in ways not always possible when working for other people”. LL&S offer limited edition products made (…)

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by Jill on May 3, 2011

CONTACT is an annual photography festival in Toronto during the month of May featuring over 1000 local, national and international artists exhibiting at more than 200 venues. CONTACT is the largest photography event in the world that is devoted to (…)

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by Jill on April 29, 2011

Effektive is a Glasgow based, independent design studio who specialize in identity and brand development in print and digital media. The passion for their craft is evident in their projects which have rich print details and playful typography. They are (…)

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Creative Type No 03

by Jill on April 25, 2011

Creative Type is a unique opportunity for designers and illustrators of Toronto to exhibit their personal work and to “promote the idea of artful typography as a significant and valuable facet of our city’s visual culture”. It began in 2008 (…)

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Upcoming and Noteworthy

by Tanya on April 8, 2011

Next month in Montreal the Infopresse RDV Design event will feature speakers Paula Scher (Pentagram NYC) and Pum and Jake Lefebure (Design Army, Washington DC). Taking place on May 26th, the lectures are presented in English and you can find (…)

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Ryu Itadani

by Jill on April 6, 2011

Ryu Itadani is a Berlin based artist and winner of the 2010 – 2011 POLA Art Foundation fellowship. Originally from Osaka, Japan, Itadani has lived in many cities around the world including Toronto, Tokyo and London. The city, nature and (…)

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by Jill on March 21, 2011

Andrew and Matt McCracken are two brothers who founded Doublenaut, the Toronto based design and illustration studio. Although they produce a wide range of work from packaging to apparel, its their knack for clever storytelling through their poster designs that (…)

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