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Switch Light

by Jill on November 21, 2013

Switch Light by UNIVERSAL PROGRAM is an object with no defined top or bottom in a traditional sense. This is because it has two functional sides, one to receive light and one to emit light. During the day, the photovoltaic (…)

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Das Programm

by Brian Paschke on March 2, 2013

For my final post in the series of Conversations, we have a chat with Peter Kapos of Das Programm about the future, systems, Ulm influence and the history of Braun. Braun KMM 1 aromatic, Reinhold Weiss 1965 BP: What is your background? What were the beginnings of Das Programm? (…)

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Sosuke Nakabo

by Brian Paschke on May 17, 2012

It is my pleasure to be a guest contributor in a series of interviews with designers from around the globe. This month, I caught up with Japanese industrial designer Sosuke Nakabo to discuss his work and establishing his own studio. (…)

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